A Touch of Grass
Based on the diaries of Alan Kyle’s life in farming, which began at the Diamond, Fintona in County Tyrone. From there, in 1944, he moved with his parents to a 72 acre farm at Lisahoppin near Omagh. In due course, he took over the running of the farm from his father and with the support of his wife, Agnes, developed the business into a large and successful dairy enterprise. From the age of 15 in a series of diaries, Alan recorded on a daily basis the trials, tribulations, rewards and highlights of more than 50 years in farming. In this book, using extracts from his diaries, Alan shares his experiences and views on the changing world of agriculture with a wider audience.

In 2015, I had the pleasure of collaborating with Alan and Agnes Kyle on the design of their book. 464 pages, each one a testament to resilience, love for the land, and the quiet heroism of those who sow hope.
Alan and Agnes Kyle
What I Did
464 page Book
168mm x 242mm

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