As a designer, my creative process involves several key steps

Understanding the Brief
I start by thoroughly understanding the project requirements. This includes gathering information about the client’s goals, target audience, and any specific constraints.

Research and Inspiration
Next, I delve into research. I explore existing designs, trends, and relevant visual references. Inspiration can come from various sources, nature, art, architecture, or even everyday life.
Armed with insights, I brainstorm ideas. What if I take this approach? What if I combine these elements? This stage is all about exploring possibilities and pushing boundaries.
Next I put pen to paper or stylus to tablet. Sketches help me visualise layouts, compositions, and the overall flow.
Design Development
I then create detailed designs using software like Adobe Creative Suite. Colours, typography, imagery - all carefully chosen to align with the project’s objectives.
Feedback and Iteration
I share the initial designs with my client. Their feedback is invaluable. I iterate, refine, and make necessary adjustments. It’s a collaborative process.
Once everyone’s happy, I finalise the design. High-resolution files are prepared for print or digital use.
Production and Implementation
If it’s a print project, I work closely with printers to ensure quality.
The finished product is delivered to the client. Each project is unique, and flexibility is key. Sometimes the process takes unexpected turns, and that’s where the real creative outcomes lie.