The Ascent A Journey Above Cancer
"We all have a mountain to climb… Some higher than others, some deadlier than most. My mountain wasn’t a planned adventure, nor was it one I opted to take. It was a climb forced upon me by the dreaded word ‘cancer’ and one I had no choice but to face. Although my journey was a challenging one, unpredictable, deceiving, and often a lonely trek, the higher I climbed, the more powerful I became, despite my body crumbling with every painful step. As I continued my ascent up cancer mountain, I found a peace that quietened my fear. A peace that allowed me to seek the very person I had been longing to meet – a person I had come to admire."

I worked with Alex and her husband on the design and setup of her book.That person was me."
Alexandria Quinn
What I Did
Book Design
A5 210mm x 148.5mm, 192pp

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