The Search For Molly
Causeway and Coast Glens Borough Council
Book design
'Much has been written about the First World War, of the heroism, the horrors, the grief and the loss. The sacrifices of a generation which many felt were too great. For some, it was a time rarely spoken of, for others it was difficult to move on with their lives. A great many returned, changed and often destroyed by their experience, others had a stoicism and strength that served them well under the stress and terrible conditions of war.

This is the story of one such woman, unknown to all but her family and friends. Molly was born in 1880 on a small farm in the hills above Carrichue, County Londonderry. She trained as a nurse in Dublin and enlisted as a VAD in March 1915. Molly served as a St. John Ambulance Sister in their hospital at Etaples, France, for almost four years. She was one of many who served and left barely a footnote in what was to become known as the Great War. This book is a small attempt to redress that balance.'

I had the previlage to design this book, and to read and learn a little bit about Molly's life. 

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