Phil Fairley Counselling
Phil Fairley Counselling
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Phil Fairley works in private practice and offer brief solution-focused therapy interventions and long-term integrative psychotherapy. His approach is fully integrative working with clients on a case-by-case basis, because each person brings a unique set of complexities that require an individual and distinctive approach that is tailored to their needs.

Phil's mission is to influence the way mental health is practiced, address the stigma associated with it and to ensure that more people can have the health and flourishing life that they deserve.

I got the opportunity to work with Phil on the design of his new logo identity. The approach I took with Phil’s logo was to use the letters 'P' and 'F' from his name to create a monogram. Phil and I wanted to create a logo that was clean and uncluttered but also memorable and attractive to look at.

The solution we arrived at has a number of lines passing through the logo, to indicate pathways in the brain or the journey a person undertakes when seeking to understand their mental health and well being.

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